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K. Abernathy better known as Kimbe`, Kentucky native, now California saturated since the 90’s. Kimbe` an entrepreneur, business owner, director, educator, and deal sealer, currently serving as

CEO of a small personal appearance company and Dean of  Education for  vocational private post-secondary school and regional  youth programs.  Author of riveting motivational entrepreneurial book "Can You ACTION Past Your Devil's Advocate?" broken down in 12 starter tips!




Kimbe’s professional career spans more than a decade in the kosmeticos industry inclusive of business such as proprietorship, customer service, marketing promotions, management positions for both public and venture-backed companies. Member of several professional and cause concious associations.


Kimbe’ has contributed several beginner/intermediate/ advanced classes to private post-secondary schools in the Bay Area of California and Establishments throughout the nation. Kimbe has a deep passion for entreprenerial industries past the currency. She volunteers her time to youth groups, teen expos, and awareness events through her expertise of Technical Glam, Presentation & Customer Service. Always creating innovative ways to utilize her career to be able to inspire others more and more.

COMING 2019!

COSMEBAR Enterprises helping entrepreneurs through capital funding,

opening businesses, expanding business,  cloud education jenesaisquo trend styling 

and more.....


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"Entrepreneurship is about creating your own success stories Turning ideas.. into goals.. into revenue regardless of circumstance.   ACTIONing as an entrepreneur to get desirable results. Setting yourself up for success, before you get started is half the battle. Can You Action Past Your Devils Advocate? CAN YOU sets you up for yes no matter what brim of entrepreneurship you are on, and keeps you from comparing your results based on others perception of what success is. Making moves sometimes is not based on what typical eyes can see. Stay focused on your goals in your venue and soar to mass proportions. We explore these facets through 12 elaborated growth tips."




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