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Train the Trainer CLASSES

  • Education Techniques

  • LEADER vs Boss

  • NorCal Counties & San Bernardino County Apprenticeship Sponsor Training

  • Salon Revenue Increase Structure (guaranteed minimum 30% growth within 6 months)


On-going PRO Learner /Student/ Apprentice Classes

  • NORCAL Apprenticeships EARN INCOME WHILE YOU LEARN Trade guaranteed State Licensure upon following curriculum

  • Treat yourself as a business

  • Income Increase Training

  • Sharp Eye Cutting

  • Fancy Color Training (hands on)

  • Color Correct Training (hands on)

  • Healthy Hair Color Training (reds/blonds for dark colored hair)

  • Ultimate Relaxer Techniques (short & long hair)

  • Quickie Transformation Styles

  • Certification Braiding Class (no license required)


Entrepreneurship The following classes should be an intro class to a headliner

  • MIND RIGHT Training

  • Managing the Copper before Tree

  • Leader VS Boss

  • BWC Training ... for the new or struggling small salon/shop owner



To Schedule


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