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Discreet Hair

RESERVED for Professionals | Luminaries

and their family! 

Do you  want a Hair Stylist who is Professional / Timely / Loyal / Discreet  with an ALL-STAR skill set ?

  • Experienced with luminaries

  • Old Hollywood Values

  • As private as you want to be

  • No posts unless instructed to do so. 

  • No parroting conversation

  • A hairstylist  that invests  thousands of dollars annually          to stay updated 

  • A hairstylist that can set up an in-house fully stocked salon with strict budget within 30 days or less? design & execution.

  • A hairstylist who can tag team position in your hairstyling life, team player. Use occasionally / regularly 

Skill Set

  • Precision Cutting

  • Custom Coloring

  • Thermal Texturing

  • Chemical Texturing

  • 10+ Extension Techniques

  • DreadLocks | LOCS

  • Silicone Units

  • Lace Units

  • Toupees

  • Wigs

+15107760916     WHATSAPP 24-7

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