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There's more than one way to win! ...


Book COACHKIMBE for your next EVENT!

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 satisfied and wanting more…




What Ocean Should You Swim?  

Beyond The Four Walls of Business

Mind Right for Entrepreneurship

How to make your business stand OUT in subtle bold ways



Is Entrepreneurship For You?

Is Ownership for You?

Do You Have A Leader Culture?


“When you leave a COACHKimbe workshop you leave full and Satisfied,

she pours into your cup so much that is best to bring a jug”


Marketing | Sales...

KING Marketing

Networking for dollars

How to Get a YES

TOP Dollar Professional



HCEO Road To ….

Becoming TOP Dollar

Branding the starter journey

KING Marketing

Networking for dollars

How to Get a YES

EMPIRE Let’s Build it

Funding Strategies

Budgeting Simple

ROI for every class you take

*Preparing yourself to purchase

RE as a self-employed 

Structure like a PRO


*Business Plan IN A SNAP


Kimbe Abernathy


"There's more than one way to win!"

Kimbe Abernathy better known as "COACHKIMBE" specializes in positioning self-employed entrepreneurs to create success beyond four walls, through proven framework that continuously increases annual revenue. She is an entrepreneur and business owner, who takes great care, pride, and love to show systematically how to move past roadblocks straight to results.


Founder|Executive Director of COSMEBAR State Sponsors for Apprenticeships, Creator of HairstylistCEO. COACHKimbe has contributed over 2000+ sessions to upcoming new, existing and veteran professionals through classes & workshops since 2004 throughout the Nation & Overseas



COACHKimbe started out in this career at the age of 15, first business at the age of 19, homeowner as a self employed professional by the age of 24, one of the youngest National Design Team Educators for Major Product Line all before posting all your movements was the thing to do. Conducting business United States | United Arab Emirates | Hong Kong | Nigeria.


This lady gains the trust of her audience with her wisdom, structured knowledge, sophisticated and easy going flow. Kimbe's mass amount of experience allows her to create an atmosphere of understanding the highs and lows of business ownership, and entrepreneurship of all ages. 


Her relatability of the absolute challenges one can go though mentally, physically, and spiritually allows COACHKimbe to glide through her sessions effortlessly.


COACHKimbe believes in providing extreme value, quick tactical methods, she calls guerilla style, that any go getter can accomplish and without getting overwhelmed. Her simple methods provides a value for her audience to benefit right away allowing one to get out of their head, and on with their goals!

There's more than one way to win! 



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